Global Encasement, Inc– Why Replace? – Just Encase!

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GLOBAL Encasement, Inc. ‘s award-winning/innovative green coatings offer simple coatings solutions for tough building challenges.
• Environmentally Advanced, Green Coatings, Non-Toxic COATINGS
• Weather/Waterproofing Buildings – The Best Defensive, Protective Coatings
• Roofing – Solar Reflective: reducing costs, extend roof life, avoid expensive tear off,      downtime and disposal costs
• Asbestos Encapsulation – ASTM E119 Tested
• Lead (LBP) Encapsulation – ASTM 1795 Certification
• Preservation Restoration-Historical Buildings
• Containment of Solid Hazardous Materials
• 20-Year Warranted Systems Visit the latest blog  Stabilization

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