Federal Court ordered EPA
(Environmental Protection Agency)

 Lead Paint Poisoning is Preventable Through Education and Action

A Federal Appeals Court ordered the EPA to revise its nearly 17-year-old standard for dangerous levels of lead in paint and dust
The EPA will need to follow a court order and must propose a new rule within 90 days of 6-22- 2018
The agency must re-evaluate the risks from lead paint
Reducing childhood lead exposure and make it a top priority
EPA has duties to uphold regarding the Toxic Substances Control Act and its amendments contained in the Paint Hazard Act.
– The decision called attention to the persistent threat of lead paint to children in millions of American homes 40 years after it was banned from households.
–  Strengthening the standards for lead in dust is an important component of EPA’s strategy to curtail childhood lead exposure.
–  It has been clearly stated that this decision will protect the brains of thousands of children across the country
Lead-contaminated dust from chipped and peeling lead-based paint is one of the most common causes of elevated blood lead levels in children More EPA lead programs.  Find more EPA lead programs



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