Historical Archaeology

Historical Archaeology is the study of post-prehistoric cultures that uses physical remains, oral and historical sources, and a range of multidisciplinary techniques to study the human condition.  Historical Archaeology was first published in 1967, the year SHA was founded. The journal publishes articles and reports on historic period archaeological research, method, and theory from throughout the world. Although most contributors and reviewers are members of the society, membership is not required to submit manuscripts for publication in Historical Archaeology. Scholarship and pertinence are the determining factors in selecting contributions for publication in SHA’s journal.

Historical Archaeology is the journal of the Society for Historical Archaeology (SHA). Published quarterly with an annual content of approximately 544 pages of articles, and with an on-line publication of Book Reviews and Technical Briefs, Historical Archaeology is one of the world’s premier scholarly publications on the sites and material culture of the modern world. With an emphasis on the formation of a global economy following the exploration and colonization of the 1400s, Historical Archaeology publishes articles on cultural identity and ethnicity, the archaeological expressions of cultural landscapes, theoretical applications to historic sites, archaeological studies of architecture, the archaeology of foodways, technological and methodological approaches to the historic past, synthetic studies on a variety of topics, major site excavations, material culture, and other topics, from both terrestrial and nautical sites.

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